About Us
Peter G Pape Consulting
Company Name:  Peter G Pape Consulting

3575 E. Marcus Drive
Saginaw, MI 48603-2045

Primary Contact:  Peter G. Pape

Phone:  989-790-1060; Cell: 248-701-1060

Web Site:  peter-g-pape.com

E-Mail:  pgpape@yahoo.com

Regions serviced:  Global

Specialties:  Additives, Adhesion, Composites,
Education & Training, Materials Application and
Development, Writing & Editing  


My education includes:  B.S.,
magna cum laude,
chemistry and mathematics, Alma College, 1960;
M.S., organic chemistry, Ohio State, 1962; graduate
studies in advanced organic chemistry and
organosilicon chemistry at Michigan State and
Saginaw Valley State Universities; industrial short
courses in various phases of polymer chemistry,
flame retardant technology, polymer additive
technology, petroleum processing, and surface
and adhesion sciences.  My work history includes:  
3 months to 18 months at Argonne National
Laboratory, Dow Chemical Company and the
Michigan Department of Health; 4 years at
Michigan Chemical Corporation working on
synthesis of organobromine flame retardants and
their application; 34 years at Dow Corning
Corporation in research and technical service
specializing in silane coupling agent technology
and their applications; coupling agents in
reinforced plastics and inorganic filler
reinforcement of rubber; adhesion promoters;
moisture cross-linkable modifiers for polymer
systems; polymerization  catalyst modifiers; silicate
stabilizers in engine coolant systems; silicone
masterbatches and powders as process aids and
flame retardants; silicone additives in petroleum
production and refining.  I have lectured
extensively on the technical aspects and
commercial applications of silicon-based polymers
and organofunctional silicone materials as
processing aids, flame retardant synergists, and
property modifiers.  My publications include 25
technical articles, seven book chapters and
encyclopedia articles, 38 presentations at
technical conferences, and five short courses
lectures, with three Best Paper Awards.  I have
been honored as a Fellow Emeritus member and
Honored Service member of the Society of Plastics
Engineers; a founder of SPE's Polymer Additives
and Modifiers Division, served on its Board of
Directors; serve on the Editorial Advisory Board of
the Journal of Vinyl and Additives Technology, and
have been a member of the American Chemical
Society for 40 years.  I resides in Saginaw,