Consulting for the
Plastics Industry

Core values for Clients:

  • Valued Information
  • Flexibility of Approach
  • Responsiveness to client's
  • Confidentiality
  • Thoroughness
  • Client Satisfaction
Peter G. Pape

Mission Statement - Peter G Pape Consulting

I worked for 33 years with broad experience in silane coupling
agent and silicone technology and four years prior with flame
retardants for the plastics industry.   I am making my knowledge
and expertise available on a consulting basis with the goal  of
assisting clients in specific projects and/or helping them to be
successful in dealing with their customers.  With my education,
work experience, and technical publication portfolio, I also am
qualified to serve as a credible expert witness.
Peter Pape and SPE
President Tim Womer
at 2007 SPE ANTEC in
Cincinnati, May 6.
Peter receives Honored
Service Member
Overview - Peter G. Pape Consulting

My consultantship, Peter G. Pape Consulting, is a sole
proprietorship.  As such, I have the flexibility to adapt to the needs
of clients. I contract with clients on an individual basis and am
amenable to short term or long term contracts.  Interactions can
be as simple as a daily visit with seminar, discussion sessions,
and a follow-up with a summary and recommendations.  Or
alternatively, a longer term contract can be arranged.  Services
can be performed on a daily fee basis, or can be pre-negotiated
on a flat-fee basis.  With each project, I dedicate myself to provide
assistance to the client to the best of my ability, limited only by
what is deemed proprietary through prior employment or contract
limitations.  I accept consulting agreements only when I feel that
my services will truly benefit its clients.
A little about what I do

My consultantship, Peter G Pape Consulting, intends to deal with
the technical areas of plastics additives, adhesion, silanes,
silicones, and organic chemistry. Projects are discussed in depth
with clients to gain an understanding of the needs of the client
and  the philosophy and goals of the client with the intent of
providing meaningful services to the client and maximizing the
benefit of my technical input. In litigation, the intent is to provide
maximum, credible, scientific input.  Services include: technical
writing, editing of product and market brochures, expert witness
services, and product and project technical assistance. Any need
of a technical nature is of interest.  
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